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I love animals and do what I can to promote their welfare.


I grew up with pets and have had my own pets most of my life. I simply have a genuine love for all animals. In the past nineteen years I have had thirteen cats and dogs. All but one of my animals were rescued from the streets or the shelter. I have found good homes for other animals I was not able to keep. I take care of feral and abandoned cats in my neighborhood. I think the word is out about me among the feline networking grapevine. I support a number of animal non-profits locally and around the country. Those who know me very well call me an animal rights activist.

I decided to extend my love and care for animals into a professional pet sitting and dog walking service here in Knoxville TN. My business is Furry Friends Pet Sitting, providing professional pet sitter care when you can't be there! I invite you to visit my website,

There is alot of valuable information about pets, pet care, pet safety, animal rights legislation, etc. I wish to share on a suitable forum, as this blog, with like-minded pet owners who care and love their own furry friends.


old houses, england, antiques, gourmet cooking, ireland, period movies, supporting missions and charities, animal rights and advocacy